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logoWeibo Australia is a social networking platform to share your ideas with your frends based on text and media. Just following your interests to be instantly updated from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world. You are experiencing a real Weibo in our world.

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Core commercial object

Weibo is a kind of microblogging service which is sourcing from the Chinese word of "Pinyin". It's now more poplular in the world like Facebook, as a multimudia social networking program. We believe that its branding effects will be more attractive.

We develop it, named Weibo Australia, and has been running it via the domain of weibo.com.au since 2010. Its commercial object is to be the most popular social networking program in Australia. Although we trust that Facebook will be still the most popular sns in future in the market, Weibo Autralia must be acceptable and valuable in the marketplace based on our predicting considerations.

Through analyzing the informaion from the users in a while, we can understand what the users' deffierent demands exactly are. These information are able to assist loca business on making an exact strategy to satisfy these demands.

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Weibo Australia has been extending its impressions by Facebook Page and Twitter.

facebookFacebook page url: http://facebook.com/WeiboAustralia

twitterTwitter @username url: http://twitter.com/WeiboAustralia