Your business is for your customers. Build relationships with them, reach new people and drive sales using Facebook. 


Over one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day. When you have a strong presence on Facebook, your business is part of these conversations and has access to the most powerful kind of word-of-mouth marketing — recommendations between friends.

Four Steps to Business Success on Facebook


Step 1. Build Your Page


Step 2. Connect with People


Step 3. Engage Your Audience


Step 4. Influence Friends of Fans

Step 1. Build Your Page

Build Your Page

Your Page is the central place to grow your business, build your brand and develop relationships with your customers.

We will assist you on:

Create a Facebook Page

It's free to set up a Page and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

no01Choose a category and a Page name that represents your business.

no04Set a memorable web address for your Page that you can use on marketing material to promote your presence on Facebook.

no02Pick a logo or another image that people associate with your business to use as a profile picture.

no05Choose a cover photo that represents your brand and showcases your product or service. It's the first thing people will see when they visit your Page.

no03Write a sentence about your business so people understand what you do.


Other important details

  • View insights, edit your Page content, keep track of new activity and respond to personal messages from your admin panel.
  • Click on the Edit Page button in the admin panel and choose Update Info to add other details about your business.


You're ready to create your first post

You can create different kinds of posts on your Page including updates, photos, videos and questions. The people who like your Page will see some of your posts in their news feed.

The Power of Facebook’s news feed:


  • Your Page is where you create posts that get shown in the news feed, the center of the Facebook experience
  • News feed is where people spend their time on Facebook – in fact, 40% of their time
  • It’s where people share the most important parts of their lives and where businesses can engage them in conversation

Success posts are:


  • Short: Posts between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more likes, comments and shares
  • Visual: Photo albums, pictures, and videos get 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagement respectively
  • Optimized: Page Insights help you learn things such as what times people engage most with your content so you can post during those hours

Invite people you know to like your Page

You've probably got a community of friends, family, customers and employees who care about your business. Invite them to like your Page.

 facebook-admin-panel   Things to try:
  • Explore the options under the Build Audience button on your admin panel. Make sure to invite your Facebook friends to like your Page.
  • Click on 'Invite Email Contacts' to upload your your email list and send a message asking people to like your Page.
  • Promote your Page web address on store signs, business cards, receipts, emails, chalkboards and other marketing material.
  • Download free Facebook table tents and stickers to promote your Page.

Step 2. Connect with People

Connect with People

Now that you have a Page, it's time to reach your current and potential customers. Connect with people who are the right fit for your business using Facebook Ads.

We will assist you on:

Create Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid messages coming from businesses and they can include social context about friends. People who like your Page spend an average of 2 times more as your customers than people who are not connected to you on Facebook. Learn how to reach the right people using ads.

Set up your first ad

Choose the Page, place, app or event you want to promote and under 'What would you like to do?' you can:

  • Get More Page Likes: Reach people who aren’t connected to your Page yet. You’ll be asked to design your ad including headline, body text and image
  • Promote Page Posts: Promote a specific post; giving you increased reach and increasing your chance of placement in the news feed
  • Get New Users: Get more app installs for your Facebook App. Your ad will show to people who are more likely to install your app.
  • Increase Attendence: Increase your Facebook Event responses. Your ad will show to people more likely to join your event.
  • Advanced Options: See all creative and bidding options in one place. You can toggle your bidding options between CPM and CPC.




 Reach the right audience  
  • Have an idea of the ideal customer you want to target. After choosing your ads and sponsored stories, you will be able to choose the specific audience for your ad
  • The estimated audience size indicates the total number of people your ad will have the opportunity to reach if your bid and budget are high enough
  • Location, Age and Gender allow you to choose the basic demographics of the audience you want to reach


Campaign, pricing and scheduling  
  • Name your campaign, select your budget and set the schedule for your campaign
  • Unless you’ve chosen Advanced Options in the goals section, you’ll pay for impressions (CPM)
  • These impressions will be optimized so your ad shows to the people most likely to help you reach your goal
  • You will never pay more than your budget, and you'll never pay more than the actual cost to reach the people who are more likely to help you achieve your goal

Measure your ad performance

Now that you’ve set up your first ads, it's important to monitor their performance in the Ads Manager. Doing this will give you information about what's working for your audience so you can see how they’re performing against your goals and calculate their return on investment.


Step 3. Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience

When you post content and have conversations on your Page, you’re building loyalty and creating opportunities to generate sales. Learn how to create content that will keep your audience interested.

We will assist you on:

Post quality content regularly

When people like your Page, they’re saying that they care about your business and want to know what’s going on. Posting relevant content is the most important thing you can do to keep them interested.

How to write quality posts Reach customers with an offer
  • Make sure your posts are relevant to your audience and business
  • Be succinct, friendly and conversational
  • Share photos and videos because they tend to be more engaging
  • Ask questions or seek input
  • Give access to exclusive information and specials
  • Be timely by posting about current events, holidays or news
Get customers to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends.

Best Practice: Post at least 1 to 2 times per week so you stay top-of-mind and relevant to the people who like your Page.

Promote your post to reach more people in news feed

Promoting your post is an easy way to reach more of the people who like your Page and their friends in their news feed on desktop and mobile. Promoting a post simply bumps it higher than it would otherwise appear in your audience's news feeds.

Increase the likelihood that people will:
  • See your message in their news feed
  • Become aware of your business
  • Respond to your offer or sales promotion

Check your Page Insights to see what's working
Page Insights include information such as which posts are working along with an overview of who is connected to your business. Check your insights regularly to understand what's working for you on Facebook. Page Insights are available once 30 people like your Page. Invite people you know to like your Page if you don't have 30 likes.

Best Practice: Respond to your audience

  • Continue to engage: To encourage people to develop a relationship with your Page and continue to engage them, make sure you respond to comments and private messages.
  • Address specific people: If a lot of people have commented on a post, to address a specific person, you can tag them in your response by typing @ before their name.
  • Keep track of messages: When people send you a private message, you’ll see a notification about it in your admin panel. Keep track of new messages and respond to them to let customers know that you’re listening.

Step 4. Influence Friends of Fans

Influence Friends of Fans

When people interact with your Page, their friends can see it in their news feed as a story. Expand your audience by promoting stories about people engaging with your Page. 

  You'll learn how to:

Encourage people to interact with your business

Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising. When someone interacts with your business on Facebook it creates a story. People can see when their friends endorse your business by liking your Page or connecting with it, and it can influence their own purchasing decisions.

  • Encourage people to check in at your business with a sign in your store, or by offering a special discount to people who check in.
  • Create events on your Page and invite people to join them.
  • Ask questions and create posts that encourage engagement.
  • Share exclusive information and offers that people are likely to want to pass along to their friends.

Expand your reach to friends of fans

Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with your business. As a business, you can pay to promote these stories so there’s a better chance people see these interactions. Sponsored stories can show in the news feed on desktop and mobile, and in the right hand column of Facebook.


Best Practice: Sponsored stories work best for Pages that have been liked by at least 100 people.

Measure your results

It's important to keep track of how your sponsored stories are performing so you can make the adjustments necessary to achieve your goals. Page Insights are the analytics for your Page but they'll help you understand your audience and the content they respond to.

  Page Insights Do's   Ads Manager Do's
  • Notice the posts that are the most shared and talked about. Sponsor these types of posts to encourage even more engagement.
  • See where your likes are coming from to understand how many people clicked Like from an ad or sponsored story pointing to your Page.
  • Monitor metrics from your advertising goals and your ad’s cost per action to see what you are getting for your ad or sponsored story investment. If your cost per action is increasing, consider changing the content to encourage more people to take an action and improve performance.
  • Review your campaign summary graph to see how key actions are trending over time. Drill down to the ad level to see which of your ads are generating your key actions and continue refining the best performing ads.
  • Watch your campaign reach in the inline Ads Manager report. If you're not reaching enough people, expand your targeting criteria.
  • A/B test your sponsored stories by targeting different audiences.

Next Steps

Hopefully you've read through the four steps to building success on Facebook and have a list of things to try. Take your time and test out different approaches to see what works best for you.

Review the key points

Your business presence on Facebook is never finished.

  • Revisit the Steps to Success to review what we've learned so far.
  • Make sure to regularly check for important updates.

Explore business resources

Once you've got the basics, there are many business resources available to you.

Need more help?

You can have professional supports from our Facebook experts through our Start to Success program.


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